futbol @heinz field

image~34,000 showed up for the ac milan – manchester city guinness international champions cup game at steelers home turf , heinz field in pittsburgh / surprisingly large crowd! / shows popularity of soccer especially among young people \ final score 1 – 5 man city





illustration friday | golden


sunflower field in umbria | digitized crayon | 14 july 2015

rower for hire

highmark challenge jul 26highmark challenge | allegheny river | pittsburgh pa

today was the annual rowing scrimmage of three rivers rowing association’s corporate teams \ among the teams that competed were: alcoa, rand corporation, westinghouse, bayer, lesker, ppg, google, edmc, university of pittsburgh school of dentistry, upmc mercy and highmark / the distance is 750 meters which is about a 3-minute row for an 8+ crew

it is fun & interesting to row with people you’ve never rowed with & actually just meeting for the first time \you find out that teams do their stuff differently <such as the racing start sequence>  you have to be adept at adapting / but it’s a very friendly & not crazy competitive atmosphere \ the race ends with beer, burgers & hotdogs / it was a glorious perfect rowing morning! \ thank you, alcoa & rand, for having me in your teams today

cancer screening is vital

imagerecovery room | upmc shadyside

a year ago, my beloved brother was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer \ we lost him last father’s day / he was the fourth member of my family to suffer the same fate, after my maternal grandparents & maternal uncle \ the genetic aspect of cancer in my family can no longer be ignored / thus today i had my cancer screening \ i was humorously referred to by my prep nurse as a “flip flop” / meaning i would “get it” on both ends \ an upper gi endoscopy + colonoscopy / i was assured different instruments would be used for each procedure

my primary care doctor explained to me that i would experience discomfort, not pain / i believed her & really, pain did not worry me \ my benchmark for pain is labor pains <that’s the pain experienced at childbirth, a uniquely female experience> / i think the only thing that would be more painful would be being stabbed in the chest & the knife twisted deep \ you would probably die just from the pain

what i actually dreaded more was the prep for the colonoscopy \ the idea is to be completely vacated – you get the picture/ you feel literally clean inside \ for me, that took only six hours to achieve / one insight i got is that i can tolerate being foodless for about 30 hours and that i can potentially embark on a diet strategy similar to my favorite curmudgeon’s “small portion” diet / this is because having gone foodless for a little more than a day, i can calibrate a “small portion” \ which is a meal portion that will just be enough to satisfy hunger or “take the edge off” / the idea behind this strategy is that in time the stomach will decrease in size & the body adjusts to this sufficient requirement / in the process, you lose weight \ eat healthy nutritious food at a minimally sufficient amount – makes good sense to me / but i digress XXX this post is about cancer screening & importantly, what to do with that information

when my doctor was writing the prescription for the screening, i blurted out, “do i want to know?” / and her answer was a quick, emphatic “yes” \ because diagnosed early, cancer is treatable / though treatability depends on the type of cancer, i suppose ceteris paribus, the earlier the diagnosis the higher the probability of survival \ i have to undergo two more screenings / fingers crossed that all will be fine

but what if not? / i know that the spirit in which i have been living my life will not change \  the loss of beloved family members in the past number of years has given me pause & made me think about how i want to live the rest of my life / three years ago, i figured out how / i appreciate that life is short & throws us curve balls \ i want to do things that i am passionate about / i want to fulfill my dreams <some of them are dreams from my youth> \ a diagnosis of cancer will only change things in a trivial way / i feel i’m on track, if not ahead of the game



another book about & by roald dahl


roald dahl’s going solo (1986) begins with his stint as an 18-year old with the shell company in east africa & ends with his experience as an raf pilot / and is the continuation of the story of boy (1984) \ this segment of dahl’s life is filled with excitement, danger & survival and adventure / and told in his inimitable way \ another great read!


beery good reason to visit berlin in 2016

stone berlin crowdfund i found out on twitter from my favorite brewer dogfish head that their collaborator stone brewery will open a production brewery & restaurant in berlin in late 2015 or early 2016! \ this will make stone the first american craft brewery to own & operate one in europe / such a venture would not be of these social times without a crowdfunding campaign / indeed, stone launched a crowd-participation campaign in indiegogo two days ago

with 26 days left, the goal is to raise $1MM, so far ~$64k  / i would have donated $50 which would get me a dogfish-stone-victory collaborative beer but redeeming it poses a problem <must be picked up at stone in the u.s. which means california or berlin> so i settled for a printed thank-you for a $20 donation \ good excuse to visit berlin in 2016 / and maybe combine it with a rowing tour of europe! yeah!

illustration friday | repeat

illustration friday repeat

musical sign/notation to repeat a section of a piece | digitized colored pencil & ink


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